💻 The no-nonsense work from home guide 💻

Working from home? We know it can be tough! Especially during lockdown…

That’s why we’ve set up a quick simple guide to help you make the most of it. 

Get dressed

You’ve probably heard this 100 times before but it’s so important! Getting dressed won’t only make you feel ready for the day but will motivate you to do another task and then another helping you build momentum for the day ahead. Plus, brushing your teeth before 10 am during lockdown isn’t definitely an achievement!


Set yourself up in a specific space to work from each day, as tempting as it sounds, working from bed probably isn’t the best idea! Set yourself up somewhere comfortable and quiet if you can.

Make your WFH space your own. Burn your essential oils, light your favourite candle, whatever it takes to get in the zone! We love having a bit of motivation throughout the day and Designs You Love have the perfect prints to add to your work set-up. 

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It can be hard to be productive when you’re sat in the same spot all day, especially at home! Remember to take a full lunch break and try your best to stick to your usual start and finish times.

Get Outside

Some people find it helpful to go on a walk before and after they finish work to create their own work commute. If this doesn’t work for you, getting yourself out the house even for just 10 minutes in the afternoon is better than nothing. 

We hope this has reminded you of some useful tips to help with your working from home set-up.

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