10 things to do when you're feeling stressed...

With National Stress Awareness Day the first Wednesday of November, we can kick off this month by focusing on stepping back and learning how to cope with any stresses that we may be suffering from.

In this blog we have gathered a few ideas for what to do when you're feeling stressed.

1. Get active

Exercise won't make your stress disappear, but it can be a great emotional directive. Utilising those stressful thoughts into actions can clear your mind and help you let go of some of your frustrations. Even if it's a bit of stretching exercise is a great tool for stress.

2. Leave the room/ office/ house/ zoom meeting

Sometimes the best way to get out of a stressful situation is leave. Even if it's not something you can avoid a brief change of scenery can help put some distance between you and your overwhelming feelings. If you’re in a meeting or a lecture, take a quick walk to the bathroom. Drowning in work? Take a walk to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

3. Get creative

Whether it is painting, drawing, or colouring, activating this part of your brain can let your rational side have a rest. Working on something without the pressure of a deadline or someones judging eye can help you to relax and release some stress.

4. Meditate

Meditation triggers your body’s relaxation response– the complete opposite of the common stress response of fight or flight mode. As well as being a great quick physical fix for stress it also helps to keep you more mindful in the future. If you can incorporate meditation into your everyday routine, you are guaranteed to see a difference in your stress levels. 

5. Watch something funny

Sometimes it's as easy as just having a laugh. Stick on your favourite feel good film or laugh out loud sitcom and enjoy just zoning out for a bit. Laughter really is the best medicine.

6. Light a candle or oil diffuser

Scents can be very powerful as creating positive emotional responses, some are particularly good at inducing relaxation. Try lavender, lemon, and jasmine scents – all known for alleviating tension.

7. Eat something that makes you feel good

As well as just being tasty, eating something you enjoy can do all sorts of good for your body. Take chocolate for example, known to release the happy chemical; phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins and mood-enhancing neurochemicals in the brain. If there wasn't a better reason to eat it before, there is now!

8. Facetime a friend

Sometimes all you need is a big old complain. Hit up a friend for some advice or just to vent to. Having someone you know is always on your side can be just what you need to hear to get you through a stressful time.

9. Keep a journal

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to just get it all down. Write a list, scribble down your ideas or vent about your thoughts. Just getting it out your brain and onto some paper can do a world of wonder. 

10. Buy an indoor plant

Plants are known to increase air quality and boost our mood. There is a direct link to lack of oxygen and stress, having just one plant in your place of work or bedroom can improve the amount of oxygen in the room and in effect reduce stress levels and ease anxiety. 

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We hope you liked this weeks blog,

from The Positivity Package xx

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