5 tips for mindfulness

Following on nicely from our last blog, “What Is Mindfulness?” we thought we would follow up with a blog with some tips on how to actively practice mindfulness. 

As we said in our last blog, we are very passionate about mindfulness and how it’s important to distinguish what mindfulness is for each individual. With that in mind, we recommend that you take these tips and interpret them in your own way. 

Don’t treat this as an exercise that you either get wrong or right. It’s important to do what works for you. I’ve heard people say so many times “I find it hard to meditate” or “no matter what I try, I can’t clear my head enough.” It could be that meditation isn’t for everyone but we do believe everyone can benefit from practising mindfulness but it doesn’t always work to carbon copy what someone else is doing. At the end of the day we’re human beings and we’re a complicated bunch!

1. Meditate first thing in the morning or last thing at night

Mindfulness and being busy isn’t always the best combo, although point 2 suggests how you can turn this around in your favour. For most people, the majority of our free time is in the time when we first wake up or when we’re going to bed. For that reason, we recommend practising mindfulness at one or both of these times. 

You want to start with basic meditation techniques, getting comfortable, being aware of and controlling breathing, clearing your thoughts and being aware of your body. 

Over time, learning and developing your meditation skills will lead to positive mindfulness. All journeys are stated with baby steps and you shouldn’t feel disappointed if it doesn’t work the first few times or if some moments are better than others. Enjoy the discovery and be non-judgemental.


2. Plan your week

Often looking at the day or week ahead can feel very overwhelming. When you sit back and think about it, the sheer number of responsibilities and roles we have to play each day is staggering. Being a parent, having a job, maintaining a home, cooking, cleaning etc etc. 

It’s a cliche but a cliche for a reason. Fail to plan and plan to fail. Planning ahead will help you to focus and make you more efficient. Not only that but most of the time, when we actually write down everything we have to do that’s racing around our minds, it doesn’t seem nowhere near as intimidating.  

Final bit of advice on this. Cross them off as you go. Cross them off with the thickest black marker you can find (or pink, we like the colour pink, you might have noticed) trust us, it’s soooo satisfying. Maybe we should include one of these in our next box? With a sassy quote. “Take that To-Do list.” We digress. Moving on... 


3. Write down your achievements

It’s amazing to plan out your day or week, write a to-do list and cross them off as you go. But how many of us spend enough time writing down our achievements?

When we talk about achievements at The Positivity Package, these don’t have to be huge big accomplishments. We need to devote more time to realising how much we achieve every single day no matter how small.

Maybe you received an email at work from a colleague that would normally make you upset or angry and instead you brushed it off, replied with a pleasant and confident email and went about your day. 

Changing how you react to something like an email, although it might seem small, is huge! Being able to control how these small moments make you feel is you on your road toward mindfulness and a healthy, positive mind because when we put all these small moments together, they add up to make a huge impact and influence on your mood.


4. Write Affirmations

If you’ve purchased one of our positivity packages, you’ve probably seen one of our affirmations cards. These are your best friends when it comes to working on your mindfulness. 

Unsure how to use them? KIS is the name of the game. Keep it simple. Each morning write down a positive thought for the day. If you need some inspiration, use Google! The internet is a treasure trove of positive affirmations if you look in the right places. Pinterest also has lots of accounts that share positive thoughts and quotes each day and there will be some amazing accounts you can pin. 


5. Savour the small moments

At The Positivity Package, we’re big advocates of savouring small moments. Life isn’t just about the big unforgettable-life altering events that we talk about forever. Life is adorned with beautiful small moments that we experience all of the time. Moments that not all of us may be fortunate enough to have. 

If we don’t savour the small things, we spend all of our time waiting for those big unforgettable ones. There is no problem with getting excited for these, it’s amazing to have those to look forward to, but if we don’t appreciate the small things, we end up in a never ending cycle of wishing away time till they arrive and not finding pleasure in life’s perfect little bubbles of everyday magic. 

Don’t live for that big holiday or for the weekend. Live for that nice tea you’re going to cook on a Tuesday evening and your favourite cup of coffee you have time to grab before work. Live for the rose you’ll get to pour your Nan on the weekend because that’s your moment and no-one elses. And you may not realise it but guess what, every moment feels even bigger and more important to older people. You savouring it will help them to. Big and small. Live for it all. 


We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips for mindfulness!

The Positivity Package Team


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