Making Dreams A Reality: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Manifestation

What if we told you that you could have everything you’ve ever wanted? That all you’ve ever dreamed of achieving is entirely possible and that living your best life all hinges on one life-altering process? We’re guessing you’d be pretty psyched! That process? Manifestation.

In the most simple terms, manifestation is turning your dreams into reality. It’s based on the Law Of Attraction, which states that everything you think and feel creates your life experience.

Get this: Everything around you, including your thoughts and feelings, is energy. That means when you focus on the things you want you embody the energy of them and thus magnetically attract those things to you. 

Basically? All of your desires are in reach and all you have to do is get into alignment with them by mastering the art of manifestation. Are you ready to do just that? Great! Here’s how…


Get super duper clear on what you want

What does your dream life look like? Close your eyes and picture it and when you do, know this: no dream is too big, everything – and anything – you could ever want is possible and within reach for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to live in a mansion, set up a million-pound company, or travel the world, it’s all possible, and when you really start to believe this and know it deep down in your soul, that’s when the manifestation magic really happens.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild and figure out what goals really vibe with you. What future reality suits you most?

This step is crucial and not to be rushed. It’s about really aligning with the version of your life that you actually want: not the version other people think you should have or the one you’ve been conditioned to believe you can achieve.

Now is not the time to play small, my friend. Nuh-uh. It’s your opportunity to dream big. So go on, map out your future in as much detail as possible. The clearer your vision, the easier the path ahead. You’ve got this. 


Write it down and make it happen

There’s something magic about putting pen to paper. No, really there is. But don’t just take our word for it. Science says it too.

When you commit your goals to paper you activate the brain’s Reticular Activating System, also known as the RAS. This part of the brain is trained to be on the lookout for things related to your goals.

It’s the very reason you have a conversation about a particular model of car and suddenly start seeing it everywhere - and many people believe it plays a huge part in the manifestation process.

Here’s a handy hack: when you write down what you want to manifest, write it as though you have already achieved it. You might like to use the phrase ‘I am so super grateful right now that…’ before filling out in vivid detail how your life looks now that you’ve achieved what you want.

While you’re at it, lean into the feelings of having it now. Let the excitement, joy and feeling of accomplishment bubble up inside you. Why? Because it’s these powerful feelings that’ll magnetise the things you want to you quicker than you can say ‘Living my best life’.


Take inspired action

Quick question: what can you - yes, you - do to make your dreams come to fruition? The universe can deliver whatever you want but – truth time - manifesting is a co-creative process, and that means you have your part to play too.

The good news? Taking inspired action can make your dreams a reality even faster. It shows the universe that you are serious about your goals and helps you step into a new energy that matches all the awesome things you want to attract.

So have a think about it: what steps can you take today that’ll speed your journey from A to B? It could be sending off an application for that dream job, signing up for an evening class or enlisting the help of a coach.

As Ron Kaufman puts it, “Vision with action makes a powerful reality.” So don’t sit on your hiney and expect the dream business, exciting career offer or Louis Vuitton tote bag to land on your lap, get out there and do what you can to make it happen too  


The fastest way to attract your desires? Become the version of you that already has them. This process is known as ‘embodying’ and it means thinking, feeling, and acting as though you have your dream life now. 

Lucky for you, there are so many ways you can embody the energy of the stuff you’re manifesting. But here are two of our faves:

  •       Visualising

Perhaps the most simple method of the bunch, visualising involves playing make believe. Just close your eyes for a few minutes every day and see yourself with your desires. To amplify the process, you might even like to add some visual aids like a vision board or our manifestation cheques.

  •       Scripting

Scripting is kind of like writing a diary entry from the future. Imagine you’ve just secured your dream house or received the job offer you want, how would you be feeling? And what would you write in your diary? Grab a pen and let those creative juices flow. 



Remember what we said earlier about how our thoughts and feelings are energy and ultimately it's this energy that creates our reality? Ask yourself this: what energy are you putting behind the things you want? Are you hoping and praying they manifest while not really believing that they will?

Trusting that your manifestation is coming can be one of the most difficult steps, but it’s arguably one of the most important, so here’s a handy way to shift gears:

Every time you feel doubt creeping in, remember that manifesting is a lot like placing an online order. When you click ‘add to cart’ on that new dress, you know right there and then that it's on its way to you. You don’t ever doubt that in a matter of days you’ll be holding that very dress in your hands. You know it’s going to arrive.

Just like your parcel is destined to land at your door, your desires are guaranteed to come into your experience, if you’ll only let them. You set a powerful process in motion when you ask the universe for what you want, and only you can steer that goal off course, so relax and let everything you’ve ever wanted find its way to you. 

All you have to do is ask. 

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