Manifestation : How does it work and can I do it?

Manifestation : How does it work and can I do it?

Manifestation seems to be ALL over social media right now. You may have heard stories of people manifesting their dream job, a perfect partner or a better life in general… but this new found trend isn’t new at all! Manifestation is one of the key principles of The Law of Attraction. Manifestation is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

So in other words, whatever you put out into the world you get back.

To some this may sound unbelievable, that by simply thinking of something you can really make it happen- but without your thoughts, feelings and beliefs you simply could not make anything a reality. 

But this doesn’t mean that anything you manifest will come true overnight. Manifestation is a way of ASKING the universe for what you want, believing that it will come in due time and being open to receiving it when it does.

Now you know how manifestation works we’re going to give you a few tips on how to get started.

Step 1:

Clear your mind

The first thing to do when manifesting is to analyse your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling positive or negative? What about your type of thoughts, are they often positive thoughts?

It is important your mind is completely clear of negative thoughts before manifesting as having lots of negative thoughts and feelings could begin to manifest things you don’t want in your reality.

Step 2:

Be clear on what you want

The number one reason most people get stuck when it comes to manifesting is because they don’t really know what they’re asking for. To manifest something you have to know exactly what it is you desire.

A great way to figure this out is make a list. Make a list of everything you want in life, be truly open and honest with yourself. What you really desire may be materialistic or silly to some, or it could be serious or life changing. Don’t hold back this is about YOU.

Step 3:

Put in the work

Working towards your goals helps the universe out. You can’t just sit back and expect manifestation to just happen on it’s own, if you really want something you will work on achieving it. Putting in the effort lets the universe know that it’s something you really desire. 

For example, say you want that dream job, but if you’re going to those interviews and actively participating, it’s just not going to happen. Often, if you don’t feel like putting in the effort it’s because you’re doubting the process or you don’t think you deserve it. 

Step 4:

Appreciate the small things

Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you started, the universe will always be contributing in little ways, and often opportunities come in the most unexpected ways. Make sure you are aware of every small thing that is getting you closer to your goal.

The more you appreciate the universe the more it will reward you. This again all comes down to your positive mind set, seeing the benefit in everyday life.

Step 5:

Trust the process

And finally you need to TRUST THE PROCESS. You need to fully believe that you CAN achieve whatever you want. Whether it happens overnight or over years, everything happens for a reason. Trust that you will get it.

Believe in yourself and the universe. 

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