Our favourite stay at home self-care pamper products 🛀

As staying in is the new going out, I thought I would share some of my favourite self-care beauty products.

Mallows Beauty

Mallows Beauty is THE ultimate destination for self-love. I love everything that Laura and the brand stands for. Body positivity, self-love and it is full on real. Real skin, real bodies and real girls.

Instead of being faced with insecurities you need to ‘fix’, Mallows Beauty products will ‘treat’ your skin, body & mind, with a positive message that you can adopt for the day. Genius!

Mallows Beauty “I am Enough Overnight Face Mask” featured in our August Positivity Package!


Wild & Wood

I discovered Wild & Wood back in May 2020 and can honestly say my bath time and self-care regime has been transformed! I first tried “Wake in the Forrest” bath milk, along with some red petals and orange slices – a very fancy bath indeed. I chose Wake in the Forrest as I love anything Lemony and Peppermint, but also because it is incredible psoriasis and acne healing qualities. I am not just saying this, but I honestly felt incredible after this bath. My skin felt super soft and I felt very refreshed.

I decided to include Wild & Wood Oat Bags in our July Positivity Package purely based on how good my own Wild & Wood experience.

If you love to organic self-care, buy Wild & Wood.


The Bath Bae

Scrumptiously handmade bath treats to make you glow inside and out. A sprinkle of glitter, an explosion of colour and a whole lotta' positivity!

I mean… need I say more?

I tried “Pink Lemonade” bath soak last week (you might have seen on our Instagram stories!) and my skin was GLOWING. Not only that, I smelt like an absolute babe too.

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