Podcasts you NEED to start listening to

Podcasts you NEED to start listening to

If you're not a fan of the podcast world... then you need to be! Podcasts are great for making any mundane task bearable. The beauty of the podcast is you don't have to watch anything or hold anything- you can educate and entertain yourself  completely hands free! Whether your out for a run and fancy a story or cleaning the kitchen and need a laugh, here's a list of some of our favourite podcasts that we think you'll love too!

For the positive vibes

-Happy Place

Uplifting and inspiring people explain how they navigate life. Hosted by Ferne Cotton every Monday she delves into mindfulness and what happiness means to different people. 

For the crime junkie

-Crime Junkie Podcast

Every week Ashley and Brit take you through (in detail) a different real life crime. They also do unsolved cases, where they chat through every possible theory as to what really happened. Not for the faint hearted but definitely interesting. 


For the juicy gossip 

-SO Dramatic

From reality TV to real life, it's all just So Dramatic! Gossip reporter Megan Pustetto brings you exclusive reality TV tea, breaks down all the latest celeb scandals, and delves into all the drama happening in her own life too.

For the bed time stories

-Short Story

Brought to you by BBC Radio 4, is your weekly fix of brand new short stories written by a range of different writers. Each week is different and has a new story, meaning you can dip in and out whenever you want!

For the laughs

-Shagged, Married, Annoyed

Sharing their ups and downs of marriage, sex and parenthood in the most hilarious way. Give this a listen if you want to hear some funny but scarily relatable stories. 

For the indecisive listener

- The Sesh 

YouTuber Kendall Rae and her cousin keep it casual with The Sesh. From light hearted conversations to in depth topics, it changes week to week, from personality quizzes to thoughts on the afterlife- they even start each episode with 'Spicy Topics' where they touch on any celebrity gossip thats going on, so you get it all!

For the relationship help

-The Girls Bathroom

In this podcast Sofia and Cinzia help listeners with their boy dilemmas, from juicy stories to some serious issues, listeners send in all. The duo try to make sense of boys and weed out the ones who are just wasting our time.

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