Positive apps you need in your life

Social media and your phone are often branded as the cause of negative feelings and self esteem issues, but apps are designed to be enjoyable, so they should be! Not only that but some apps are designed specifically to positively impact your life! Here are some of the best positivity driven apps you can find:


 Headspace is one of the best meditation apps! Whether you're a beginner or avid meditator, they have programs for everyone. Headspace is an amazing way to channel positivity and relaxation into your busy life. They also have some great sleep sounds which you can pop on before you go to sleep.

Daily Planner

Just as it sounds, Daily Planner is a great way to organise your thoughts into actions. With a handy tick-off system, and gentle notification reminders, this app will give your mind ease knowing there's nothing you've forgotten, as well as keeping you to a schedule (even if it's just reminding you to have a 3pm nap)!


This app allows you to track the positivity in your life by following your goals and focusing on happy and positive aspects of life. It includes affirmations, goal setting, quizzes and mini games that centre around positivity.

Think Up

This app helps to motivate and find a positive mindset with daily encouragement. Think Up is designed to inspire you with positive affirmations and self-talk— a proven technique to make your mind work for you. Choose the ones that resonate with your goals and learn how to reduce the negative self-talk.


Struggle with procrastination (we all do), the Forest app offers an innovative approach to help you put down your phone and overcome distractions. Use the app to turn your focused moments into a lush forest by creating more positive habits. It all starts with a seed.

Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful is similar to a social media network, but it's private, users gain access to celebrity quotes, personal pledges, and content relating to body positivity. From there, users can even share with friends! You can even stamp a photo of yourself (or a friend) with a body-positive message, and share it to celebrate your strength. 


Instagram can be a great positive tool, as long as you are following the right people! Follow people who inspire and motivate you, but also remind you that nothing is perfect. At The Positivity Package we post regular quotes, and inspiration to get you through the day. Follow us at @thepositivitypackage 

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