Setting yourself up for 2021, rather than setting goals, why not set yourself a theme for the new year ahead? ✨

Well, 2020 is officially over! As we look forward to the new year ahead it may
be refreshing to take a new approach to the goals and resolutions we would
usually set ourselves.

Whilst setting goals holds us accountable and can be useful to help us get to
where we want to be. We should remember that 2020 was tough for everyone
and in order to be just that bit kinder ourselves, a theme might just be the
right way forward to help us kickstart 2021….

To set a theme for your year ahead, think about what it is you would like to get
out of 2021 and how best you can start the new year by putting your best foot

Setting a theme can help towards improving many aspects of your life rather
than just having a few main goals to work towards.

Possible themes you could choose:

 Abundance
 Compassion
 Rest
 Connection
 Comfort
 Energy
 Activism
 Wellness
 Stillness

Well done on getting through 2020…..We did it! And remember, make yourself
a priority in 2021 – you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Wishing you a positive and Happy New Year! ✨

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  • My theme for this year is less scrolling the internet and more CREATIVITY. With the help of my citrine stone from The Positivity Package! It works!

    Louise Mary Crowley

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