Your New BFF: A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals

Have you ever had a friend who is a little ray of sunshine and infects people with their positive energy wherever they go? Well, crystals are kinda like that. They aren’t just pretty, they’re also powerful and packed full of potent energies that have the power to influence you and your surroundings, banish negativity, raise your vibration, and attract the things you want into your life.

It’s not just a load of hocus pocus either. People have been using crystals and stones in spiritual practices for centuries. Ancient civilisations across Egypt, Greece, and Rome used them for protection, healing, and even beauty, and fun fact: It’s believed ancient Egyptian women used rose quartz on their skin to fend off the effects of ageing. (BRB, stocking up on rose quartz rollers)  

But it’s not all about vanity, good health, or warding off bad energies, crystals can also be used to aid your manifestations. If you’re working on some pretty big goals right now, then consider crystals your BFF. They can’t do the work for you, but they can set the scene for success by raising your vibration and impacting the energy of your environment.

Whether you want to attract your soulmate, kickstart a business, make some new friends, or call in abundance and prosperity, there’s a crystal for everything you could ever want in your life.

Ready to stock up? Here’s what you need:


What To Include In Your Crystal Kit

Your love life could do with a little help

Whether you’re single or coupled up, every woman should own a rose quartz. This little pink stone is known as the stone of love, and it’s not just great for attracting a soulmate and healing relationships, it also helps you to embrace and love yourself.

Like our Positivity Packages, the Rose Quartz is a whole lot of lovely, and it’s the perfect addition to your bedroom dresser if you want to attract more love, kindness, happiness, and healing into your life. Who doesn’t, amirite?

You want to attract more money

Reckon your bank balance could do with a little boost? Then you better add Tiger Eye to cart. It’s known as a wealth magnet and is not only said to attract more money into your life, but help you make smart financial decisions too.

Pyrite is another good ‘un. It can help you regain financial balance and protect against debt. Keep these two in or near your purse and you could be adding money to your ‘Treat Yo’self’ pot in no time.

Your health is out of whack

Whether it’s PMS that’s getting you down, persistent headaches, or something more serious, many crystals are packed with powerful healing properties. While they shouldn’t be used in place of medication or professional treatment, they can protect your health and help to ward off nasty illnesses.

Quartz is a good shout for headaches, hangovers, fatigue, and lack of focus. If it’s emotional stress that’s doing you harm, Black Onyx is your best friend, while Topaz is a good all-rounder to tackle pesky physical ailments.

You want to live a more positive life

Maybe everything is fine and dandy in your world – good for you, girl – you just want to keep the good vibes going, day in day out. Well – cheeky plug time – we reckon our Positivity Packages are a great place to start – and our old friend Amethyst can give you an extra boost too. Not only is it great for health, it can also lift your mood, bring calm to your mind and help you access higher vibrations. It helps that it’s a gorge purple colour too!

Black Tourmaline is another good choice. It can protect you from negative energies, like fear and panic, while boosting confidence, energy, and mental clarity. Bring on those good vibes!


How To Use Crystals

Now that you’re all clued in, you might be wondering, ‘uh, how do I even use crystals?’. Good news: there are lots of ways and you get to choose what works best for you.

One of the most popular ways to feel the crystal power is to decorate your home with them. Want to set pulses racing with your other half or set the scene for romance? Keep a rose quartz in the bedroom. Want your business to pull in seven figures or attract a new client? Keep pyrite in your workspace or pop a small one in your purse.

Once you’ve adorned your home with crystals, you can adorn yourself too. Lots of people wear crystals as jewellery so they can reap the benefits wherever they go. They’re not just pretty, but really powerful too, and some people believe the energy of the crystal is more easily absorbed into the body when it’s nestled against the skin.

Added crystals to your home and your outfit? If you’re a gal who likes to get zen, adding a crystal to your next meditation sesh could work well for you too. It’s said to deepen your meditative state and help you connect with your spiritual self. All you gotta do is pick a crystal that aligns with your intention, pop it into your hand, close your eyes, and breathe deep. Don’t forget to thank your crystal once you’re finished!


So there you have it. Crystals are your life-improving, mood-boosting, energy-directing, best friend and they pack a powerful punch when it comes to manifesting your goals. All you have to do is keep them nearby to reap the rewards. It helps that they look really gorge too! 


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